2016 highlights

2016 Highlights




                      Electric buses

Forsee Power has developed two lithium-ion battery systems for the UK's player Wrightbus electric bus driveline tailored to meet the industry's ever stricter emissions targets. The Wright Group is one of Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of advanced public transport vehicles.
Power challenge:
Equip an "all-electric" transit bus and a double deck bus with fast charge battery systems.



                Electric sailing yachts

HyPS, specializing in marine hybrid power and propulsion systems designed the electric battery system on board of two outstanding 40 meters J Class sailing yachts, built by Holland Jachtbouw using the robust Flex 7 Forsee Power batteries.
Power challenge:
Manoeuvre on battery power while entering / exiting the harbor, and provide on-board energy while staying at anchor or in harbor without using diesel generators


Precision medical

                  Oxygen concentrators

Forsee Power is the main provider of lithium-ion battery systems and associated power supplies for Precision Medical's innovative and lightweight Oxygen Concentrators product line. Precision Medical Inc. is a global leader in respiratory devices and medical fittings.
Technical achievement:
Less than 1% return on batteries and no safety issues reported



       Unu Motors

   Electric scooters

Forsee Power is a supplier of lithium-ion battery systems for Unu Motor's stylish and affordable electric scooter.


Power challenge:

+ The battery can be charged at any power outlet.

+ An autonomy of 50km with 9kg weight.

+ A charge status at the press of a button.

Production challenge :
3 months, from development to market



  Akka Technologies

      Connected electric driverless car

Forsee Power has partnered with AKKA Technologies to equip a connected electric driverless car with smart battery systems. Link & Go's embedded technologies will prepare users for features of tomorrow's cars by getting them comfortable with the idea of automatic driving and parking, inventing recharging systems and infrastructures, offering new in-car functions and encouraging car-pooling by connecting vehicles to social networks.




                   Racing catamaran

Forsee Power has partnered with the CEA tech Liten European research institute and the Foundation Nicolas Hulot to equip Energy Observer, a racing catamaran, with high power battery systems and energy storage management. From the end of 2016 until 2022, Energy Observer will tour the world propelled by hydrogen produced with sea water and renewable energies. On board,a team of scientists and engineers will test new clean energy applications, monitor and optimize the energy consumption and production in real time.